Social Mission Revolution

I M Possible

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Andrea Putting is one of 21 inspiring leaders who have collaborated to write this book. Andrea shares her story of discovering the power of going Beyond the Why, leading her to found Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony and the Social Mission Revolution. “When you journey beyond the why you open up into all the possibilities that the future holds. It is here that we make that difference that we all long to make.”

Each author has poured out their hears with stories that are bound to revive self-belief in yourself. These stories speak of grit and perseverance in dire times of the author’s lives. When we are faced with what we thought was impossible, our true strength and determination emerge.

All proceeds from the book sales go to the charity Kshitij, a sheltered workplace for intellectually challenged adults in Mumbai

Twenty-One heart-melting stories of authors as they share how they faced the adversities and challenges, how they achieved the unimaginable and how they turned something impossible into “I M POSSIBLE”.

These authors aim to inspire their readers to pursue their goals with formidable grit & perseverance through this book. I resonate with many incidents in this book as I reflect on my journey from facing hardships to achieving successes.

—Rochak Kohli – Music Composer, Singer-Songwriter

This book is inspiring, and thought-provoking as twenty-one authors open their hearts and wounds to the world and share their personal stories of struggles, courage and success to overcome adversities in their lives.

Each author deserves a standing ovation for their courage and how they have emerged stronger from within.

—Bijay Gautam – India’s 1st Podcast Coach, Mentor and Consultant, Speaker & Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of WYN Studio

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