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 A conversation with Kevin Milstein: Keeping His Son’s Legacy Alive Through Sports Across the Globe


Andrea speaks with Kevin Milstein, founder of the Reagan Milstein Foundation. Kelvin started the foundation in 2010 after tragically losing his 14-year-old son Reagan on a family vacation. The foundation’s mission is to collect used sports equipment like boots, uniforms, etc. and donate them to underprivileged kids and communities around the world.

Kelvin discusses how the foundation began with the idea of helping kids afford to play sports, and grew into a massive operation collecting and distributing sports gear across over 30 countries. He shares powerful stories about the impact, like a child in Samoa being given a pair of boots who couldn’t believe he was getting them. The foundation uses sport to connect communities, provide education opportunities, and open doors for kids.

Show Notes:


  • Kelvin Milstein, founder of Reagan Milstein Foundation
  • Started foundation in 2010 after losing 14-year-old son Reagan on vacation
  • Mission to collect used sports equipment and donate to underprivileged kids/communities

Origin of the Foundation

  • Initial idea to help kids afford to play sports
  • Collecting boots turned into collecting all sports equipment
  • Now donated gear to over 30 countries around the world

Impact Stories

  • Child in Samoa ecstatic to receive a donated pair of boots
  • Using sports to connect communities
  • Tie education opportunities to sports participation
  • Opens doors for kids to get healthier, get scouted, make money to support families


  • Logistics and shipping costs of distributing globally
  • Seeking corporate sponsors to offset expenses

Advice for Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs

  • Follow your passion
  • Don’t be afraid to stand up for a new cause
  • Have patience, growth takes time

How to Get Involved

  • Donate used sports equipment
  • Corporate sponsorship opportunities
  • Website:
  • Social media: @reaganmilsteinfoundation

To find our more about the Reagan Milstein Foundation visit