Social Mission Revolution

Warren Tate is a Professional Speaker, International Best Selling Author and expert in communication. Living in Melbourne, Victoria we have been in epicentre of the Australian Co-vid 19 in outbreaks leaving the city and state in harsh lockdowns. “The suicide rate has grown dramatically since March and is expected to grow by up to 50% over the coming year – this is 10 times the rate of death by Covid-19. Many are suffering from anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, sleep deprivation, higher consumption of alcohol etc due to unemployment and other pressures, which are precursors to suicide. People are not sharing their struggles with anyone. This is due to the ridicule faced by many who use avenues such as Facebook to reach out and to speak their mind. The backlash from speaking their mind or opinion is frightening and people are not aware of the damage they could be doing when they do this. They are not aware of the challenges faced by the person speaking out and don’t care to ask. Warren is passionate about his message of “Communication can change your destination.” Now more that ever, he sees it is so important that we focus on communicating with each other. We need to reach out to friends, families and even acquaintance and have that person contact that gives our lives meaning and fulfillment. Call someone today may just change their destination. #callafriendtoday – start today and make a call, you never know what impact you could be having. To get in touch with Warren or to find out more about how “Communication can change your destination” visit his website